Successful Rocket Launch at Esrange Space Center, Kiruna, Sweden

The REXUS 21/22 rocket launch campaign was successfully completed during the period of the 6th to 18th March 2017 at Esrange Space Center, Kiruna, Sweden. The two rockets REXUS 21 and 22 were successfully launched successively on the 15th and 16th of March, respectively. Our AtmoHIT experiment was onboard the REXUS 22 rocket and it functioned well and performed as we expected. We already have some preliminary results and we are currently performing detailed data processing. More scientific results are expected in the near future.

In the first week at Esrange we performed the final preparations of the experiment. We passed the Com Check, then finished the bench test, and completed the flight simulation afterwards. At the beginning of the second week, we successfully passed the final system check, followed by the test countdown. After motor mating and roll-out of the rocket on the 15th, our rocket lifted off to the sky at 14:00 pm on the 16th March, and soared up to around 80 kilometers altitude into the atmosphere. The rocket recovery was successfully complemented later that afternoon. The other three experiments carried on REXUS 22 were RaCoS, U-PHOS and GRAB.

The REXUS 21 rocket, which was launched one day before, reached an altitude of 85.6 km. The experiments on board were: UB-SPACE, SALACIA, DREAM, DIANE.

Now, the REXUS 21/22 campaign came to an end. During the whole process, we gained a lot of knowledge, gathered plenty of practical experience, and felt excited and thrilled when our instrument was finally flying into the sky. Some of us want to pursue their career in the aerospace field in the future, regarding this rocket campaign as their space career launch.

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